The Brownlee brothers are not alone…

Mes supporters anglais sont nombreux, j’ai donc décidé de rédiger mon article dans la langue de Mr Bean 🙂

IMG_0633FullSizeRenderThis annual triathlon race in Chantilly has become a ritual for me. That kind of « rendez-vous » I would not miss for anything. This year again, it has been a amazing day, full of mud, full of sun, full of happy crews to support us along the competition…

…and also full of English participants! I don’t really know but they must represent around 50 to 60% of all athletes. It is somewhat « exotic » to compete with the UK and for me, it is part of the magic of this race, talking French and English or both at the same time!

Would you just try one triathlon in your life, consider this one because it is a unique mix of a hard competition race plus a very friendly and cool organization. Do it!

Chantilly Triathlon Castle Series gathered this week-end more than 3000 competitors splited between sprint/relay and long distance races.

I run the Gantelet to benefit as long as possible of the Grand Canal to swim (1,9 km), took my bike for a 90 km race between Chantilly and the nice villages around the castle and La Chapelle-en-Serval and than I tried to fight against muscle soreness as much as possible to run my half-marathon. I make it a bit less then 7h00.

This year, the winner of the Gantelet did it in only 4:11:11 for the mens and 4:58:59 for the womens. Both of them are English citizens: the Brownlees are not alone…

2016 results



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